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Barn Quilting?

Project type

Exterior Art


April 2022

Lac la Biche

I discovered Barn Quilting a few years ago. My first response to the name was huh? I decided to try it in early 2022. I really enjoy the process. It is more of a technical art, almost like drafting, making precise lines with pencil and ruler.

Yes, Barn Quilting. This does not involve cloth materials or sewing. Neither do you have to physically modify a barn! This is a relatively new folk art. Using outdoor acrylic house paint, plywood, (or any bunch of flat planks attached together to make a flat, square surface, I used leftover ends of deck planks for one), a ruler, masking tape and pencils to draw a grid, then create a symmetrical (or non-symmetrical!) design on the boards. This is another project that there's a "waiting for paint to dry" period, even though acrylic paint dries quickly. The finished barn quilt can be hung on a fencepost or exterior walls adding a brilliant dash of colour and reflecting the character of the creators. The quilts can be small, mine are 16"X16" to very large, many that are created for barn walls are 8'X8' and larger. There are "barn quilt trails" throughout North America and can be found online. Watch out for them when you are driving through the countryside!

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