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I'm getting some art ready for an upcoming art show in May. In Alberta there is an organisation called ACACA (Alberta Community Art Clubs Association) that organises regional zone art shows. It is a good opportunity for local artist to show and have their artworks judged by professionals. Showing our artwork can be intimidating. I've been sensitive to people not liking my work, to the point that I wouldn't show it to anyone outside of my family and small circle of friends. Sadly, no matter how much encouragement I got from family and friends it would just take one negative criticism and I would pack it in my closet. I'm not a baby and I should know better but that was me. My latest portrait has gotten mixed responses and I'm showing it anyway! Some paintings are never "finished". I have more work to do on it but the less than positive remarks have given me some direction for a couple of little things that I want to change.

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