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DIY web page?

Okay, so I took the plunge. I've spent too many years waffling whether or not to build a web page for myself. I am definitely not really savvy with doing something like this, but I finally jumped in. I pulled up Weebly, using the sign-in information that I had created many years ago (yes, I keep everything!). The site let me in but there were some changes (they call them improvements...NOT) that I wasn't prepared to get involved with such as signing in with Square (I think that's the gadget that you plug into your phone for debit sales?) Anyways, I'm not planning to do markets or art walks or anything else that forces me to leave my idyllic farm to overcrowded places and disappointment, lol. You'll never sell anything you say? Too bad, their loss. Okay, so it comes down to I'm too old and crippled up to chase customers that way. So I had heard about WIX and decided to try that one. If I hadn't liked it I'd have tried GODADDY or some of the others that I can't think of right now. So began my journey to build my own web page. I went live on March 15th, started sending myself emails and everything! Constructive criticism only, please, I'm new at this!

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