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Why Blue Moose Woman Art?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Well, I had a vivid dream many years ago about talking with a female moose outside of my cabin. The whole setting was unfamiliar to me when I'm awake but in the dream I knew that it was mine. She asked if she could come in and we came into the small cabin where she transformed into the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen. There's more but that dream stuck with me. When I was thinking of having an email for my art, I knew it had to include moose and I like blue....Blue Moose. I discovered that it was already taken so I added woman and used it for my Yahoo art email. I was a busy woman then with a full time job and household to run so the email went unused for so long that I forgot the password. No amount of guessing could trigger my memory. I carried on with life, painting, working, buying a small farm with my husband, Alex, until I decided to redo the email and added art to the end of it.....and wrote down the password!

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